How to Handle the Ghosts in Real Estate

October 30, 2015

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Perhaps real life ghostbusters who promise to perform a “spiritual house cleansing.”

The service promises to rid your home of unwanted ghostly housemates or the spiritual baggage of the previous owners. Some home owners may call when someone died in the home, believing the former occupant never truly left the space.

Most psychic pros say they get the most calls from home owners who haven’t seen a ghost but who’ve experienced general negativity in their home and are looking to clean out the bad luck.

“More than anything else it is emotional stuff that drives people to call,” says Patti Negri, a psychic medium and reality TV personality in Long Beach, Calf. “You feel it: sadness, anger, tiredness, arguments, animals acting up.”

So, what does a spiritual cleansing of a home entail? “I work with ancestors and spirits and angels,” says “Mata,” a psychic pro in Orange County, Calif., who specializes in house blessings and cleansings. “I connect with them to help heal a home or a restless spirit.” Mata says she’ll sing, drum, or dance to get in touch with these spirits.

Psychic pros will scour the home to pinpoint where they sense paranormal activity. “When I’m going through a house, I’ll hear and see things on an intuitive level, things that are unseen,” Mata says. “I know if someone is there.”

Negri says she will actually take a broom and sweep into the corners, on the ceiling and everywhere to push the spirits away. “We want it to feel like it has been bleached white,” Negri says.

Some psychic pros swear by the power of sage too. They believe burning it will help send the bad vibes of a home away. They may also use “holy water,” saltwater, bay leaves or something from the yard to remove bad spirits from a home.

“I get a twig or something from their land,” Mata says. “I ask permission of the plant, dip it in the water, and go around blessing the home.”

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