4 Home Buyer Pet Peeves to Avoid

November 9, 2015

The home may be priced right and in a great location, so why isn’t it selling? Maybe the listing has one of these common buyer turn offs lurking. Coldwell Banker Blue Matter’s blog highlights a few:

1. Covering up potential issues. Masking potential issues – from odors to a bad foundation – can be a costly mistake in the end, for the seller too. Serious defects that a seller knows about but fails to disclose can result in a buyer who backs out at the last minute, asks the seller to fix the issue, or even involve the seller into a lengthy legal battle after the transaction has closed.

2. Overpricing the home. A home that is not appropriately priced for the market can prompt many buyers to just overlook it. Sellers need to know that the price they paid for the home has no bearing or guarantee on its sales price when they go to list. The market condition of the home and comparing how recent nearby homes have performed will influence what their home is worth. A house sitting on the market because it’s overpriced will just deter interested buyers.

3. Failing to prepare the home before listing. Clean, decluttered, and neutral spaces are important in helping buyers to envision themselves living there. Sellers who keep an abundance of knick-knacks; dated, worn furniture; or overly bright, dark, or distracting colors can turn-off buyers.

4. Not being accommodating for showings. Sellers may be annoyed at constantly preparing for home showings or open houses but not having their home readily available for such buyer tours will likely prompt the home to linger on the market. Requested showing times or demanding to be present during showings can hamper the sales process.

Source: “The List of Pet Peeves That Turn Homebuyers Off – And How to Avoid Them,” Coldwell Banker Blue Matter Blog (Nov. 5, 2015)