5 Open House Tips for Prepping the Exterior

November 12, 2015

Don’t forget about the importance of the outside when preparing a home for an open house. Otherwise, some potential buyers may turn away before ever stepping inside. Here are five quick tips from real estate and staging professionals:

1. Paint the front door.

A freshly painted front door can be an easy way to enhance the look of a home. “If your house is a neutral hue, use the front door to add a pop of bright color; and if your house is not neutral, paint the door a complementary color,” says Sheila Schostok of Your Home Matters Staging and Redesign.

2. Fake it.

If home owners don’t have time to landscape the entire yard, they can try to sprinkle bark mulch around in-ground plants to give the entire yard a polished look.

“Mulch is the No. 1 way to give your garden a face-lift really fast,” says Julie Zelaska, vice president of real estate firm Smith Schnider in Arlington, Va. 

3. Upgrade the street numbers.

Street numbers that are visible from the street can give your address a sense of pride. For example, the Cast House Number, available at Wayfair, offers a balance between modern and traditional, real estate professionals say.

4. Freshen up the mailbox.

Don’t let the mailbox become an after-thought. “Freshen up your mailbox with a coat of spray paint, maybe the same color you used on the front door,” says Schostok.

5. Add flowers.

Place a flowering potted plant or two on the front porch the day of your open house. “Keep flower choices simple and tied to the season, like pansies in the spring, flowering petunias in the summer, mums in the fall, and evergreens in the winter,” says Schostok.

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Source: “9 Open House Hacks That’ll Sell Your Home Before Buyers Even Knock,” realtor.com® (Nov. 10, 2015)