Male vs. Female: Which Street Name Is Worth More?

November 23, 2015

A home owner’s street name may have value in itself.® pitted male street names – such as the Jacksons, Grants, and Coopers – against female street names – the Pearls, Elizabeths, and Roses – to determine which street name could hold more value.®’s research team evaluated property values on female and male streets over millions of for-sale listings at They found that there are more properties on male streets than female-named streets. However, properties on female streets were found to be more valuable.

Streets with human names have less expensive properties compared to all streets.®’s team speculates that could be due to the fact many of those streets with human names tend to have older houses.

The median year of construction for homes on male streets is 1970; the median year for female streets is 1981.

The following are the top 10 most expensive female street names based on median home values:

  • Magdalena: $389,900
  • Isabel: $370,500
  • Heidi: $349.692
  • Serena: $339,900
  • Madeline: $329,500
  • Dolores: $325,000
  • Alexandra: $324,500
  • Abigail: $320,000
  • Molly: $319,500
  • Melinda: $312,500

Now, onto the males: The following 10 are the most expensive male street names based on median home values:

  • Francisco: $399,900
  • Raphael: $399,900
  • Evan: $319,500
  • Sebastian: $318,000
  • Kent: $305,000
  • Marco: $300,000
  • Jeffrey: $299,000
  • Rocky: $290,000
  • Cliff: $284,000
  • Matthew: $280,000

Source: “Grant Street vs. Ashley Road: Who Wins the Battle of the Sexes in Street Names?”® (Nov. 16, 2015)