6 Home Repairs Owners Shouldn’t Delay

November 24, 2015

Some home repairs that owners linger on could turn into financial catastrophe. BobVila.com recently highlighted several things home owners should repair in their home before it’s too late, including:

1. Gutters: If not cleared, gutters – crucial for proper drainage -- could be the root of problems for home owners. During the winter, clogged gutters could lead to ice or water damage. Also, gutters and downspouts that are overflowing with leaves or that appear to not be draining properly or draining toward the house can also cause water issues.

2. Decks: Loose railings along your porch, deck, or steps should not be ignored. The fix may be as simple as a few screws that need to be tightened in a few places. But if ignored, a loose rail could give in and risk injury and more costly repairs.

3. Water spots: A spot on the ceiling should be handled immediately. The cause, however, of the water damage may not be obvious. A roofing contractor may be the first source of contact to determine if it’s from a loose shingle.

4. Asphalt cracks: Water that seeps in and then freezes can cause cracks to get wider. The water may also saturate the soil underneath the driveway and cause a shift overtime. Home owners should seal their driveway as soon as they notice any signs of wear to prevent damage from rain, snow, ice, or sunlight.

5. Leaky faucets: A slight drip or a running toilet is not an issue that should be overlooked either. These may be signs of a bigger problem and the fix will likely save you money on your water bills. Small leaks can get bigger if left ignored and become more costly to repair.

6. Blocked chimneys: Proper maintenance of chimneys is important or home owners could risk suffering from a fire or smoke inhalation. Soot and creosote build up in in the interior of chimneys and need to be removed. Also, owners would be wise to inspect the chimney cap to make sure it’s not rusty or damaged to prevent debris or pests from coming into the home.

Source: “Time’s Up: 9 Things to Repair in Your Home Before it’s Too Late,” BobVila.com (November 2015)