Best Tips For Brokers Helping Agents

December 31, 2015

This year, REALTOR® Magazine launched the Broker to Broker initiative, a program that provides information geared towards broker-owners and managers of real estate companies. We've published 119 articles in this new section, and found the most highly read pieces focused on how brokers can best support their agents.

Whether it's helping agents give a fantastic listing presentation or making sure they understand market data well enough to handle nearly any objection, brokers want to help agents do their best. Here’s another look at the top trending Broker to Broker articles in 2015.

1. 11 Questions to Help Agents Win Listings

Real estate broker and coach Lee Davenport penned our most popular Broker to Broker story this year, in which she shares a sales meeting exercise to help agents analyze and hone their listing presentation skills. These 11 questions provide fodder for group discussion, and help agents become more intentional about their presentations.

2. 5 Creative Marketing Tools Agents Will Love

If you’re looking for turnkey design templates as well as full customization options for marketing and branded materials, these five platforms may be just what you and your agents need. Create sharable infographics, professional in-person or video conferencing presentations, customized YouTube channels and social media pages, and more. 

3. Help Agents Overcome 3 Seller Objections

“When it comes to setting a home’s asking price, it’s easy for logic, reason, and facts to fly out the window,” says Sammer Mudawar, owner of RE/MAX Prestige in Orange County, Calif., in his March 2015 Broker to Broker article. With emotions in mind, Mudwar shares three common seller hurdles with tips for training agents on how to overcome them.

4. Tips and Scripts to Successfully Recruit

Not only are brokers looking to support their agents, they're also looking to recruit the right salespeople. In this February Broker to Broker article, Tom Ferry provides four questions to ask new agents, and four to ask experienced agents to make sure the real estate pro will be a good fit for your agency.

5. 7 Keys to Negotiating Like a Pro

Negotiation expert Barry Elms knows how important this skill is to brokers. It’s the job, he says of experienced owners and managers “to develop effective strategies for agents and build contractual relationships that ensure mutually satisfying deals and successful careers." From research and information to credibility and delivery, review these tips from his July Broker to Broker article for ensuring a smooth agreement process.