Character Limit on Tweets to Expand

January 6, 2016

Twitter users are accustomed to the 140-character limit. But it looks likely that they won't have to boil down their thoughts to pithy phrases much longer. Yes, the social media platform is considering expanding their character limit. A lot.

Twitter says they plan to release a new feature that would allow users to write longer tweets at the end of the first quarter. There is talk that the new character limit will be a whopping 10,000. Get ready for the Twitter novella.

Both the launch date and the character limit might change as Twitter considers how the design of this expansion might look. Previous changes that allowed for more content or bigger pictures reduced user engagement in the past. To counter that, tweets may continue to display just 140 characters, but end with a place to click for expanded and longer content. This would keep timelines neat while allowing for longer posts. Twitter is also working to contain the possibilities this offers to spammers, with a much larger area to tag other users.

Source: “Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets,” re/code (Jan. 5, 2016).