5 Buyer Moves That Really Irk Agents

January 19, 2016

Sure, you love working with home buyers, but you’ve certainly seen a few traits again and again that really get under your skin. Realtor.com® recently ran a list of some of the top pet peeves real estate agents have when working with home buyers. Do you agree with this list? 

1. Getting too caught up in aesthetics.

Real estate professionals say they wish more clients could get past the aesthetics of the house, especially since so many of the items that bother them are easily fixable. “I’ve had clients see some marks on a wall and a stain on the carpet and say, ‘This home needs $50,000 worth of work,’” says Joshua Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Team Realty in Brookhaven, Ga. “That’s not anywhere close to the renovations needed.” What’s more, they may have to pay nothing. “The cost to make the home like new is often easy to negotiate,” he says.

2. Becoming too focused on the money.

While money is an important quotient, buyers sometimes get so caught up with the financial aspect of purchasing that they are unable to focus on anything else, agents say. “It’s not necessarily the highest offer that the seller will accept, but rather the best structured offer,” says Dan Hicks, a real estate professional with Equity Colorado Real Estate in Denver. Agents say that they wish home buyers would trust them more when it comes to structuring a good offer that combines the mix of timing, price, and reasonable contingencies.

3. Taking too long to make a move.

The buyer finds the perfect house but then they delay making an offer too long. “If too much time passes between a buyer viewing a home and making an offer, the seller might not take you as seriously as another party who quickly expressed interest and maintained communication,” Hicks says.

4. Having conversations with the other side.

Buyers who talk to the listing agent without their own agent around may be making a mistake. After all, the listing agent is there to get the most money for the seller, not save the buyer money. “I’ve had clients talk to the seller or agent and divulge information that would harm them,” Jarvis says. “Stuff like ‘Oh, don’t worry about inspections, my company is paying a huge relocation bonus’ doesn’t exactly set the stage for a tough negotiation with the seller.”

5. Making a low-ball counteroffer.

Another agent pet peeve: The seller declines the first offer and the buyer then makes another unreasonable offer. This forces an agent to go back and forth and can frustrate sellers.  While buyers don’t want to overspend, they need to be smart about their offers and carefully listen to their real estate agent, who knows what sellers likely will and won’t accept.

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Source: “7 Things Buyers Do That Real Estate Agents Hate,” realtor.com® (Jan. 18, 2016)