The Right Shape for Your New Logo

February 5, 2016

Whether it’s for a multinational brokerage firm or just the header on your business blog, a logo that can convey your mission statement is important. And new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research indicates that something as basic as the overall shape of a logo can have a significant impact on the way consumers perceive your brand.

Researchers found that when people looked at ads that contained logos that were circular, they perceived the products that were being advertised to be more comfortable. When the same products were displayed alongside angular logos, the products were seen as more durable. Consistency in these ads turned out to be important, too; when an ad headline about durability was paired with a circular logo, the logo shape effect wasn’t effective.

But logos appear to affect consumers’ feelings about much more than simply products, according to the study. Researchers also found that study participants who looked at a circular logo first were more likely to predict that a company would be sensitive and understanding about a particular customer’s needs.

"We need to worry about what we’re saying to consumers verbally versus what we’re signaling accidentally or deliberately through other kinds of cues,"says Amitava Chattopadhyay, one of the researchers and a professor of corporate innovation. "When companies are designing their logos, they should be thoughtful about making these associations fit with the associations they want for their brand."

Source: "Why the Shape of a Company’s Logo Matters," Fast Company (Feb 1, 2016)