Re-Evaluate Your Linking Strategy

February 22, 2016

The links on your website and blog can still help boost your Google ranking, if done smartly. While  John Mueller, Google’s webmaster trends analyst, made headlines last year by announcing that link building was no longer advisable, certain types of links can still play a critical role in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Small Business Trends recently singled out the real estate industry as “killing it in the link-building department” too.

As more home buyers and sellers turn online for real estate answers, real estate professionals are finding ways to create valuable online content to draw in those searchers.

“While the market for vacation homes is strong, we’ve had to adjust to how we target customers and sell these homes,” says Julian Walker, a real estate professional with the British property company called Spot Blue, which specializes in vacation homes. “With overseas real estate, you can’t just pop by an open house on the weekend to have a quick look around. The vast majority of the hunt will be conducted via the computer, so smart link building strategies are key to connecting with the right prospective home buyers.”

Here are some tips to building more “authoritative links” online, according to Small Business Trends.

Build guides and white papers. “There’s no denying content links are the strongest and most authoritative option for linking back to your website,” the site notes. To do this, Movoto has city and community pages filled with links to helpful guides, such as a St. Louis restaurant guide that was catered to millennials. Also, consider guest blogging on an established site to build up your content links.

Target resource pages. For authoritative sites, target resource pages for the real estate industry in your local community. For example, some real estate brokerages look to college and universities and post links from university websites (.edu , for instance) to strengthen the authority of their website. The University of Pennsylvania’s Off-Campus Services department operates a website dedicated to off-campus housing, which has listings exclusively for the Penn community (and can only be accessed via a student login).

Offer up some link bait. Try to maximize your click-throughs with catchy headlines. Use it to showcase destinations to prospective home buyers, such as for vacation homes offer up a list of top celebrity vacation destinations. “Don’t shy away from catchy headlines and listicles,” Small Business Trends notes in its article. “Use link bait to your advantage by creating content that aligns with your brand and share accordingly. Just be sure there’s substance behind the headline and these articles are one component of a well-rounded link building and content marketing strategy.”

Source: “Link Building Lessons From the Real Estate Industry,” Small Business Trends (Feb. 21, 2016)