How to Stage Like a Model: Secrets Revealed

February 29, 2016

Model homes are showpieces in new-home construction, offering a design aesthetic that can be a good jumping-off point when staging your own listings. RISMedia offers the following tips on how to stage a home like a model:

Section off a room. Do this by using area rugs and floating furniture away from the walls. Don't close off paths to navigate a room, though. Allow at least three-feet of walk-through space around furniture arrangements. 

Group solid furnishings. For example, group sectionals or bookcases group together with lighter pieces, such as a glass slide table or raised bench. This will help "convey spaciousness over sparseness," the article notes. 

Don't over-accessorize. Use only a handful of books with similar colored bindings on shelves and add only one house plant to a side table. Hang one statement piece of artwork over a bed or fireplace but refrain from overdoing it. 

Add more light fixtures. The article recommending having at least one light fixture for every 100 square feet of space. "Use pure white lamp shades on all light fixtures, and replace any incandescent bulbs with CFLs," the RISMedia article suggests. 

View more tips at RISMedia. 

Source: "Selling? 6 Staging Secrets of Model Homes," RISMedia (Feb. 28, 2016)