Creative Ways Agents Can Use Video

March 8, 2016

While most real estate agents are already using video to showcase their listings, there are a few other ways that video can be creatively used in your day-to-day business. Video can help maintain relationships, establish you as a thought-leader, and can also help you get new clients by showing a bit of your personality. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate video to improve your business.

Introduce Yourself

In today's age when most people connect via text message, using a video to introduce yourself to potential clients or business partners can help you stand out. This short video message introducing yourself can also be posted to your YouTube or LinkedIn profiles.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials are important, and using the medium of film as opposed to seeing a written testimonial is even more powerful. "If someone goes on camera to tout your brilliance, they are making a real commitment to you – and that will impress the people who are evaluating you," advises a recent article by Forbes.

Maintaining Relationships

With all of the video conferencing technology on the market, there's no excuse to not keep in touch with clients or members of your estate team in a way that is perhaps more effective than sending dozens of e-mails back and forth. From Google Hangouts to Skype and everything in between, there is video conferencing tech that will be easy for everyone to adopt.

The Power of Personality

Many agents these days are turning the video cameras on themselves, not their listings, in an effort to show off their personality. Jessica Edwards, a broker-associate with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage in Wilmington, N.C., started shooting conversational, relaxed videos in her car to stay in touch with her current clients. Her YouTube channel now boasts over 8,300 subscribers and has over 1.1 million views.

"My biggest advice is don’t look for specific results right away. Look at video as a way to stay in touch with clients. Look at video as a way to gather feedback from others around you,” Edwards says. “But it takes time, and you have to stay consistent," says Edwards."

Thought Leadership

Your knowledge about your community, or even a particular real estate niche, can provide effective video content that shows your position as a thought-leader. Film yourself discussing events in your area, share fun facts about your area of expertise, or break down recent housing data for prospects. Also, as Forbes points out, "If you are expressing your thought-leadership in the form of an in-person presentation at your local professional association, get it videotaped. You will be able to break your talk up into a series of two to three minute clips that you can publish on your YouTube channel. This instantly multiplies your audience."

Source: "Leverage Your Own Video in Your Marketing," REALTOR® Magazine (March 2016),  and "5 Overlooked Ways To Use Video To Build Your Brand," Forbes (March 7, 2016)