Agent Uses 'Property Drama' to Market Home

March 24, 2016

A Los Angeles real estate pro is using soap opera-like videos to market homes to potential home buyers online.

Ben Bacal told The Hollywood Reporter that while showing footage of the home’s attributes and features, he weaves in story plot lines to his property videos. His short films are not meant to just show off the home but also to entertain, he says.

“I went to film school. I worked in the film industry before selling real estate,” Bacal told The Hollywood Reporter. “I started selling real estate. So I know that if you can entertain people with storytelling while showing a house, the more eyeballs you’re going to draw to that property, the more buzz you’re going to generate – and subsequently you get a sale.”

Bacal’s latest property drama stars the actual home owners, Ori Ayonmike and his wife Nafisa. The home owners also wrote the script. The storyline for 6654 Emmet Terrace in Los Angeles, listed for $4.5 million, features a man coming home and walking slowly as he gazes at rooms through the home and then approaches his wife to say he wants a divorce. (The couple isn’t really splitting in real life.) The film then goes on to show the wife walking through the house as she mourns the end of her marriage, and likely what will mean having to sell the couple’s beloved home now too.

The 10-minute film cost $20,000 to produce, Bacal told The Hollywood Reporter.

Bacal has used “property dramas” for other listings too, such as a $48.5 million Bel Air home in which two kids pretend to be sick so they can skip out on school and spend the entire day goofing off in the luxury home. Bacal says his next film will be about a “difficult seller,” and tentatively is called “The House Nazi.”

Take a look at Bacal’s latest property drama.

Source: “How an LA REALTOR® Turned Real Estate Listings Into Cinematic Art,” The Hollywood Reporter (March 22, 2016)