4 Ways to Remove Smelly Odors

May 2, 2016

Whether it’s a pet odor or yesterday’s pungent dinner, you can take steps to remove bad odors from a home prior to a showing.

“If you enter a home and immediately encounter a smell, that is generally all people focus on, and all they will remember,” says Debra Johnson, a home cleaning specialist with Merry Maids.

Realtor.com® recently offered the following tips for banishing common odors from a home.

1. Pet urine: Use a spray with enzymes that breaks down odor molecules. Soak the area with the spray and let it seep into the carpet.

2. Dinner: Open the windows and turn the range hood fan on to high when cooking high odor items, like fish. If smells still linger, fill a shallow bowl with white vinegar or coffee grounds and place it on the counter. It’ll absorb the smells overnight.

3. Paint: Slice an onion in half. Place each half on a dish on opposite sides of the room. It will neutralize paint smells. (The smell of the onion should only linger for an hour.)

4. Kitchen sink: Check your drain and garbage disposal to make sure something isn’t stuck. Then, place two or three slices of lemon or orange into the disposal. Turn on the water. Flip the switch.

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Source: “Tricks to Banish Bad Smells From Your Home—Forever,” realtor.com® (April 28, 2016)