Maine’s New Ad: We’ll Pay You to Move

June 9, 2016

The state of Maine is seeking more information tech workers, doctors, nurses, and other workers to move there. So it’s launching a new campaign: Visit For a Week, Stay for a Lifetime.

The idea behind the campaign is to get more people to call Maine home. Those who visit Maine on vacation and then move there will get their vacation expenses recouped.

But there’s a catch: You have to be hired by one of a dozen companies that are participating in the program. Those companies also can set limits on how much they give you.

“We’ve got a shortage of information tech workers. Doctors and nurses are in short supply, as they are nationally,” Ed McKersie, president of the recruiting firm Pro Search in Portland, told Conde Naste Traveler earlier this year when launching Live + Work in Maine. “This program is designed to attract people who are hard to recruit.”

Last year, the University of Maine even offered out-of-state students the opportunity to pay in-state tuition prices through its Flagship Match Program.

Source: “Maine Wants to Reward You For Moving There,” Boston Magazine (June 3, 2016)