And the Ugliest Color in the World Is …

June 17, 2016

According to science, the most unpleasing, ugliest color ever made is a drab dark brown-green – more specifically Pantone 448 C opaque couché.

An Australian marketing company gfK Blue Moon was recently tasked with discovering the one color that would turn off buyers the most. It wanted to use the ugliest color on cigarette packs, which would lead to fewer sales and keep people away from them. They believe they found the answer to the color that would most likely keep buyers away.

The Daily Mail describes the color as a “dreary mix of tar, vomit, and olive, but a shade of drab brown.”

Indeed, another recent survey found that 85 percent of consumers say color is the primary reason why they buy a product. This survey also confirmed that brands should not use brown in their marketing, as it represents dullness and boredom to many consumers.

Source: “Ugliest Color in the World Determined by Science,” (June 9, 2016)