Choose Where to Live by Personality Type

June 20, 2016

Could your personality fit better in a different city?®’s research team used Myers & Briggs Foundation data (you know, the creators behind the Myers-Briggs popular personality test) to look at the most popular personality types in various American locales.

Their research team took into account the best career options for the most prevalent personality types. They also analyzed various quality of life factors including affordability, and emerged with a defining list of cities that best fit certain personalities.

Take a look at their top city picks for each personality type:

Protector Personalities

  • Characteristics: Dependable, practical, caring
  • Top city choice: San Antonio, Texas

Provider Personalities

  • Characteristics: Sociable, enthusiastic, warm
  • Top city choice: Salt Lake City, Utah

Inspector Personalities

  • Characteristics: Conservative, organized, detailed
  • Top city choice: Orlando, Fla.

Composer Personalities

  • Characteristics: Gentle, aesthetic, observant
  • Top city choice: Boise, Idaho

Supervisor Personalities

  • Characteristics: Decisive, take charge, practical
  • Top city choice: New York, N.Y.

Performer Personalities

  • Characteristics: Spontaneous, fun-loving, resourceful
  • Top city choice: Austin, Texas

Champion Personalities

  • Characteristics: Insightful, creative, open
  • Top city choice: St. Louis, Mo.

Craftsman Personalities

  • Characteristics: Analytical, curious, hands-on
  • Top city choice: Chicago, Ill.

Source: “Which American City Is the Perfect Match for Your Personality?”® (June 20, 2016)