When Competitors Upstage You Online

June 27, 2016

Are your competitors earning more clout on social media than you are? Maybe their content is better than yours or they’re better at reaching new audiences by sharing content and know how to engage with their audience better. What can you do to carve out a space too? 

Forbes columnist Jayson DeMers says that first you need to identify in which area you’re being overshadowed. From there, you can create a strategy to overcome the competition. 

DeMers suggests studying your competitors and pinpoint what they are doing right. For example, maybe they are producing more visually engaging content with embedded images that is winning them over more followers. Go beyond them then: Embed videos or focus on how you can incorporate a more visual marketing campaign. 

If your competitor hosts contests to gain interest, consider how you can incorporate one too – with even bigger reward offerings. (Just make sure it doesn’t look like you’re copying your competitor. Be unique!)

Also, look for ways to more strongly differentiate yourself from your competitors. Look for ways you can fill a void in content sharing or producing content that they’re not providing. Maybe that is touting an interview series with a lender online to glean financing tips or providing a first-time home buyer webinar. Or maybe it’s even moving your focus to a different social network. If they are more popular on Facebook, maybe you should up your presence on Instagram. 

DeMers says another strategy: if “you can’t beat ‘em, join them.” Engage your competitor in conversation or even their users directly. 

Source: “Are Your Competitors Upstaging You on Social Media? Here’s What to Do,” Forbes.com (June 26, 2016)