New Tool Features Homes with Easy Commutes

July 7, 2016

For home shoppers focused on easy commutes using public transportation, a new tool from Redfin, partnered with the White House Opportunity Project, can help home shoppers find a home within a 30-minute, car-free radius from their job.

The tool, Opportunity Score, provides a score between zero and 100 to a home's address based on its non-car commute.

“Where you live can have enormous implications for your family’s economic stability and upward mobility,” says Nela Richardson, Redfin's chief economist. “A family may be able to find an affordable home to buy or rent, but if it’s far from quality jobs, highly rated schools, and other amenities, it could hinder the family’s chances to get ahead.” highlights examples from addresses in downtown San Francisco and Daly City that both have an Opportunity Score of 100, which means there are several jobs that pay at least $40,000 that are within a 30-minute commute that doesn't require a car. However, the tool also reveals that the cost of a two-bedroom home in San Francisco can stretch to $1 million; in Daly City it can be as much as $645,000.

Alone with the tool, Redfin released the rankings of the most accessible areas for workers without a car among the 50 most populous urban areas. The cities that topped its list: San Jose, Calif.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Albuquerque, N.M.

Source: Redfin and "New Tool Reveals Best Cities for Jobs, Easy Commutes, and Homes," (July 6, 2016)