3 Ways to Get Others Talking About You

July 28, 2016

You can boost your business’ reputation without spending a dime, according to Forbes. To stay top of mind in your market, try these ideas for your online marketing:

1. Talk to the press.

Offer up your take on the local housing market to your local press. Pitch them a story about a real estate trend or home improvement idea you’ve noticed in your area. Or, write up a press release and even syndicate it by using tools like PRWeb.

2. Submit guest posts.

Get blogging! You may be able to increase your presence online by submitting a guest blog to other established blogs in your area or nationally. Make sure you know the audience you’re blogging for and that you keep your post targeted to them. Start with local publishers and niche websites before you work up to offering to guest blog for higher-authority publishers, Forbes.com notes.

3. Find those with influence.

Harness the power of influencer marketing. Identify a person of influence in real estate with thousands of followers on social media, and engage that person in a conversation and share some of your content with them. They may start to share your content to their audience – thereby, you can boost your reputation by using that person’s reputation.

Source: “7 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Reputation for Free Online,” Forbes.com (July 2016)