Should You Adopt Your Clients' Fashion Sense?

August 3, 2016

Like it or not, what's on the outside counts, too. Your appearance is partially responsible for whether you land a new client, some studies suggest, with one 2013 report from Columbus State University in Columbus, Ga., finding that real estate professionals who were deemed "attractive" by consumers tended to net higher sales prices for listings — and, therefore, higher commissions.

So what should your dress code be at work? Some in the real estate community say you don't have to automatically throw on your finest suit when you're meeting clients. Rather, your image should match the market or niche you serve — and complement what your typical client base wears.

We've got some interesting advice for why you should dress how your clients would, how you can use online stylists to pick your workwear, and how your wardrobe can become part of your brand. But we've got a fun exercise for you, too. We spoke with agents who represent all kinds of markets around the country to see how they dress on the job and how their style adapts to their niche. Are you dressing appropriately for yours?

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—REALTOR® Magazine