Where Millennials Won't Leave the Nest

September 1, 2016

Nearly a third of all U.S. millennials still live with their parents. But in some states, the trend is particularly paramount. 

New research from Stateline, using 2014 Census Bureau data, offers a close look at which states have the greatest percentage of millennials still living at home.

According to their research, young adults in New Jersey may be having the toughest time moving out of their parents’ home. The state has the highest percentage of millennials who still live with their parents at 44 percent of its millennial population.

Here are the states that have the highest percentage of millennials still living at home:

  • New Jersey: 43.9%
  • Connecticut: 38.8%
  • New York: 37.4%
  • Florida: 37.2%
  • California: 36.7%

These results aren't too surprising, since these states have some of the highest priced rental markets and have a general shortage of housing, particularly around their urban centers.

On the other hand, researchers found the following states had the lowest concentration of millennials living at home: North Dakota (15.6%); Wyoming (18.7%); South Dakota (19.7%); and Nebraska and Iowa (both 20.7%).


Source: “Where Millennials Are More Likely to Live with Mom and Dad,” The Pew Charitable Trusts/Stateline (Aug. 18, 2016)