Don't Put Your Clients on Hold

September 13, 2016

Fifty-nine percent of consumers say they will never do business with an organization again if their first phone call is not handled to their satisfaction, according to a survey conducted by the PH Media Group, which provides on-hold marketing services to construction companies.

So, how is your call answering impression? Obviously, make sure you answer all calls in a professional, polite manner – and that your staff does too, says Mark Williamson, PH Media Group CEO. Also, limit the time you put someone on hold to gather information for her or to find the person he or she wants to talk to. Being put on hold is one of the big annoyances that could lead to a negative impression, Williamson says.

On-hold marketing options may help for when you do need to put someone on to hold. They include customized voice and music messages over the telephone. The study showed it can help reduce hang ups by 79 percent. Your brand’s messaging can fill the air, instead of dull music or beeps that are standard when someone is placed on hold. A customer instead may hear the organization’s industry accreditations or awards it has won or listen about your mission in serving buyers and sellers.

After all, it can be a “golden opportunity to communicate key information to a captive audience,” BUILDER reports about the study.

The survey also found that people still want to talk on the phone. Fifty percent of consumers say they would prefer to have their questions answered over the phone than going online to look up the information themselves. So don’t just push them online for answers, assuming that they never want to talk.  

Source: “How Not to Annoy Customers When They’re on Hold,” BUILDER (Sept. 9, 2016)