Your Safety Expertise Can Convert FSBOs

September 14, 2016

Safety isn't just about keeping yourself secure; it can also help your business. September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and you can use your safety knowledge to convince FSBOs to list with you. That's the top story in our list of safety articles you can share with your REALTOR® family right now to keep safety top of mind in the industry.

Use Your Safety Knowledge to Convert FSBOs
Show sellers going it alone that they may not be prepared for the dangers of opening their homes to buyers — but you are. Read more.

5 Safety Tips When an Attack Is Imminent
Self-defense instructor Joe Rosner demonstrates simple safety moves that can save your life in the heat of a threat. Watch the video.

Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good?
We’re taught to be kind to everyone, but that means keeping your guard down against potential predators. To stay safe, adapt your nature to a more dangerous world. Read more.

Brokers: Keep You and Your Agents Safe
Follow the mantra of safety first and teach agents to follow their instincts in the field. Here are 10 tips for staying safe you can put to use at your company today. Read more.

The Dangers of Facebook Live
Don’t get too personal when doing unscripted broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook Live. You don’t want people to know everything about you. Read more.

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