Staging Tips for Sprucing Up the Basement

September 19, 2016

Basements often have the reputation as being dark and dank. But the basement shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to staging a property.

“Buyers will definitely poke their heads down in this cold, dark place,” notes an article at®. “So, imagine their pleasant surprise when it’s actually a functional, comfortable room where they might even want to hang out.”

Here are a few tips:

Declutter: The basement can be prime spot for towers of boxes and piles of belongings. “Make sure the space is organized and doesn’t appear to be a dumping ground,” Katie McCann, a professional organizer with Maeve’s Method, told®. Add storage bins or shelving to give everything its place. And instead of showing it as a dumping ground show it as the perfect spot for organized storage.

Add some cosmetic improvements: “This part of the house often gets more wear and tear than the other rooms, so invest in new carpeting for a fresh feel and repaint the walls,” suggests Gale Sitomer of Gale Sitomer Interior Design in New York City.  

Watch the smell: Address any musty odors. “Keep a fan on for circulation, and use subtle air fresheners as needed,” Lisa and Chris Gulliver with Showhomes suggests. For a damp basement, buy a dehumidifier.

Brighten up the space: Don’t let the space feel dark and cold. Sitomer suggests painting the walls an off-white, use light-colored window treatments, and adding in plenty of lamps to warm up the area.

Show the possibilities: “Where possible, try to include a spot to watch TV, a place to lounge at one end, and a kids’ play area a the other,” suggests Jack Menashe, an interior designer and owner of Menashe Design. He also recommends an open library wall in-between spaces as a stylish way to help define the separate areas.

Source: “Home Staging Ideas to Take Your Basement to the Top,”® (Sept 16, 2016)