Warn Clients About Exploding Samsung Washers

September 30, 2016

On the heels of a recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to reports over exploding battery risks, the company is now faced with another set back about another one of its products – its washing machines.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released a warning that several home owners reported they heard a loud boom when doing their laundry while using a top-loading Samsung washer. Since early 2015, 21 cases have been reported to the CPSC.

CPSC issued a consumer warning for top-loading Samsung units produced between March 2011 and April 2016.

Samsung said in a statement that it is working with U.S. regulators to address any potential safety issues. It acknowledged that in “rare issues, [the washing machines] may experience abnormal vibrations” when customers are doing bulky laundry. The vibrations may pose a safety risk, the company said. The company urges owners use the low-speed delicate cycle for washing bulky items like bedding or water-resistant materials.

A home owner in Texas reported to the CPSC that an explosion from her Samsung washer sent it through the wall of her garage. Other home owners in Georgia, Indiana, and New Jersey told the CPSC that they heard a loud “boom” when they were doing the laundry.

“It is important to note that Samsung customers have completed hundreds of millions of loads without incident since 2011,” the company’s statement read.

Home owners with a top-loading Samsung washer can check their serial number at this website to see if any further precautions or steps need to be taken.

Source: “U.S. Regulators Warn Customers About Exploding Samsung Washers,” Reuters (Sept. 28, 2016)