Stay Out of Your Clients' Spam Folder

October 14, 2016

You know how annoying e-newsletters can be. They fill your inbox every day, and only a fraction of them are actually relevant to you. So imagine how your customers feel. If you're using an e-newsletter to keep your clients and prospects informed of local real estate data or buying and selling tips, how can you make sure your message rises above the rest of the noise they hear every day? Forbes columnist William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding and author of Ditch.Dare.Do! and Career Distinction, offers some of the following tips for staying out of your customers' spam folder:

Deliver useful news. "Do your articles truly inform, or do they just state the obvious?" Arruda says. "Start keeping a list of every time you encounter a newsworthy triumph, industry change, surprising statistic, or upcoming event that would make for good content."

Showcase your clients. Take the spotlight off you. Describe your clients' recent success stories with buying or selling. "This is a great way to provide added value because you're sharing exposure to your client base," Arruda writes.

Be brief. Avoid long posts or white papers on your e-newsletter, Arruda writes. Instead, keep lengthier content to links only. A newsletter should be concise and contain short tidbits that allow readers to scan it in two minutes or less.

Maintain a frequency. Don’t be erratic in deploying your e-newsletter. Plan your release dates so your customers will come to expect it at a certain time. "Your goal should be for your e-newsletters to become a true treat — a welcome distraction for your clients to savor during a lunch break or a commute — that reinforces your positive brand traits," Arruda notes. "The ultimate goal is for your readers to forward your insight to others."

Source: “Is Your E-newsletter Hurting Your Brand?” (Oct. 6, 2016)