Glass Wine Cellars Steal the Spotlight in Decor

November 4, 2016

Glass-enclosed wine cellars are growing in popularity as home owners’ wine collection takes center stage in a home. The trend is most notably catching on in new homes in Southern California.

“You are seeing them in more homes, especially as designers are realizing they can be a real showpiece,” says Brahm Callahan, beverage director for Boston’s Himmel Hospitality Group.® notes the popularity of wine storage in general in homes: Of the nearly 2.6 million homes currently for sale at its site, about 10,000 tout wine cellars.

Most private wine cellars are located in a home’s lower level or basement to ensure proper storage. But some cellars are moving up inside a home. The new glass wall cellars are not being made for long-term storage but more serving as artwork for walls. Joey Kleinhans, managing director at the Sommelier Company of Austin, Texas, recommends a glass cellar only be used for wines that will be consumed within two years.

“Wine as a design element has surged over the past two decades,” says Joseph Spellman, master sommelier for Landmark Vineyards in Sonoma, Calif. “Homebuilders are following the fashions of certain showy restaurants that like to display their rare bottles and huge collections.”

View some photos of glass wine cellars at®.

Source: “See the Light: Glass Wine Cellars Are Having a Moment,”® (Nov. 2, 2016)