Avoid These Mistakes With Your Listing Photos

November 15, 2016

Your listing photos are designed to spotlight the house in its very best light. But in some cases, your images may do little to be carving out a good impression among home shoppers. Realtor.com® recently rounded up several of the worst real estate listing photo mistakes. Make sure you’re not making any of these faux pas. 

Photographing corners: Taking a picture of one corner of the room shows nothing. Instead, photograph “at least two corners of a room” in your shot to help give a sense of space and the design of the area, says Hannah Walker, vice president of IMOTO Real Estate Photography.

Odd closeups: From closeup pictures of ceiling fans to appliances, make sure you’re not abusing the use of the zoom feature. Instead of offering closeups of the hot water heater and breaker panels, for example, let buyers assess their condition in person or allow their home inspector to. Aim to “photograph the look and flow of the property” rather than zooming in on something, Walker says. 

Darkness: Avoid photographing a home with the drapes closed. Natural light will show the home in its best light. “Open all blinds and curtains to let that natural light into the room,” Walker says. 

Bad bathroom angles: Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in a home and, therefore, can be one of the most challenging to photograph. Test out shooting from different angles. “Professional equipment, including a wide-angle lens and tripod, will help you capture the small bathroom shots,” Walker says. “Also, if you or the camera get caught by the mirror, edit it out.” 

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Source: “13 Sale-Killing Mistakes to Avoid with Real Estate Listing Photos,” realtor.com (Nov. 14, 2016)