12 Best Cities to Ring in the New Year

December 30, 2016

New York's Times Square may have the reputation for being the spot to celebrate New Year's, but WalletHub has identified other places that give it a run for its money — particularly for people who want to save some cash.

In major cities known for lavish celebrations, such as New Orleans and Atlantic City, N.J., hotels typically hike their rates by 300 percent to 500 percent on New Year's Eve. So WalletHub crunched the data to compare the 100 biggest cities based on 20 key metrics for New Year's Eve celebrations, including the number of events, legality of fireworks, number of restaurants, nightlife options, safety and accessibility, and costs.

These are the 12 cities that topped WalletHub's list:

  1. Orlando, Fla.
  2. San Francisco
  3. Atlanta
  4. Denver
  5. Buffalo, N.Y.
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Miami
  8. St. Louis
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Las Vegas
  11. Washington, D.C.
  12. Minneapolis

Source: WalletHub


Source: “Best Places for New Year’s Eve Celebrations,” WalletHub (Dec. 6, 2016)