Use the Power of Gratitude to Spark Loyalty

April 26, 2017

It's important to thank your customers for their business, and that couldn't be easier with the rise of social media as a mass communications method. Gratitude should be at the core of a marketer’s brand, says Bardi Toto Drake, author of “The Power of Asking.” She encourages marketers to avoid “bragging and selling” strategies but instead find ways to show gratitude to increase business. She offers some of the following tips on how in a recent article at

Try retweeting: On Twitter, show appreciation for someone’s photo, article, or post by republishing it to your own Twitter following. “A retweet is a recognition of someone’s value to you,” Toto says. “That’s a form of thanks.”

Offer public recognition on social media: Go beyond just pressing the “like” button. Show clients you are grateful for their post by commenting on the person’s update or news story on social media. “It only takes a second to comment and that goes much further,” she says.

Endorse them: On LinkedIn, you can express gratitude by endorsing others in the real estate industry and beyond. “It takes less than five minutes to do this, and adds weight and credibility to their profile,” Toto says. “If a connection performs a great service for you, write them a recommendation.” 

Regardless of how you show it, the number one rule when showing gratitude is being genuine. “You are working to build a relationship, not just to win a bit of business,” Curtis Hale, a business consultant, told 

Source: “How Gratitude Advances Marketing and Business,” (April 26, 2017)