4 Checks to Protect a Home in the Spring

April 27, 2017

The spring season can bring about dangers to a home from strong wind gusts, rains, and fluctuating temperatures. Be sure to take steps to protect your home this season.

1. Check outside faucets and exteriors for flood risks.

Inspect your outside hose faucets for any damage from the winter. Hold your thumb over the opening. If the flow stops completely, the pipe indoors could possibly be damaged and may need to be replaced. Also, check the hose for dry rot and examine the foundation and exterior walls for any cracks or potential areas where water could enter.

2. Check the roof and gutters.

The roof may have been damaged by heavy storms or hail. Don’t assume that because there are no visible signs of damage, there isn’t some beneath the shingles. Have it inspected. Also, clean the gutters to avoid risks of pooling water and leaks.

3. Check the landscaping.

Beware of trees that are too close to the home. In a storm, these could pose a threat. Have any tall overhead branches trimmed if they could potentially fall and hit the roof or damage the home.

4. Check the foundation.

Examine the lawn and near the foundation for any low areas. Water will collect and pool in any low areas. This could then potentially seep through any cracks in the home’s foundation or create a breeding ground for insects. Fill any low areas with compact soil and repair cracks in the foundation. (Read more: 5 Things to Watch for with a Foundation Check)

Source: “How to Help Your Clients Keep Their Homes Safe From Spring Weather,” Remodeling (April 21, 2017)