How To Avoid 4 Real Estate Video Mistakes

May 2, 2017

Video is an essential piece of online marketing today. As your brand expands its use of video—whether through live streaming in the field or creating polished video campaigns—these tips from Mike Reff, owner of the video production and digital marketing company Hey Mr. Digital Media and media specialist at Madison & Company Properties in Denver, will go a long way in helping your production become more viewer-friendly.

Think beyond the vertical smartphone shot.
Smartphones are an easy way to shoot video, especially if you’re going live on your social media channels. However, the vertical format offers a limited field of view, which might not lend itself well to shooting properties or interiors of listings. A horizontal shot looks more professional and lends itself better for cross-channel promotion.

Invest in a stabilizer.
Stable footage goes a long way in creating more professional videos and keeping your audience interested. “Far too many agents are shooting walkthroughs on their phones that bounce around wildly, resulting in an uncomfortable experience for the viewer,” says Reff. A smartphone stabilizer can help eliminate some of that camera shake.

Syndicate your videos.
Treat your videos like you would any other piece of marketing material, Reff says, and maximize its exposure. For example, if you go live on Facebook, download your video afterwards and load it into your YouTube channel. Then, add the video to your website, share it on Twitter, and feature it in your next newsletter. Edit clips of your video to publish on Instagram. Any single video offers several marketing opportunities. “Remember, a video, like any marketing material, is only valuable if people see it,” Reff says. “The more exposure the video gets, the more exposure you get.”

Get in front of the camera.
Besides showing listings, another benefit of video marketing is its ability to boost recognition with your target audience. Potential clients are interested in who the broker or agent is, so don’t hide behind the camera all the time. “Getting people to see your smiling face and contact info is the real goal of a good video,” Reff says.


—Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine