With Pet Ownership Strong, Buyers Eye 'Catios'

May 3, 2017

Of all the architectural and lifestyle features buyers have an eye on these days, pet-friendly accommodations are coming up strong.

A recent report from the National Association of REALTORS® says that 81% of consumers take their pets into account as they seek their living situations, and developers are even creating pet-friendly subdivisions and developments. Dogs are currently part of approximately 37% of American homes and cats are included in about 32% of homes, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics.
For the most pampered critters in the cat category, owners are taking their homes to new levels—multilevel modifications or additions designed with their cats in mind. The "catio," reports pet news site Pawpulous, can range from fairly small window boxes a few feet across to elaborate structures alongside the house with door or window access.

The survey of catio styles noted by the site includes the "wildlife window watcher," a screened-in window box unit a few feet across facing a variety of bird feeders across the lawn, up to the "cat gazebo," with walkways at different levels so the cat can enjoy some exercise along with padding on the seats to facilitate catnaps.

Most of the larger catios blend in with the style and features of the home, which buyers with cats will be likely to appreciate when the homes are eventually listed.

Source: "Cat owners everywhere are building 'catios' in their backyard. These photos prove the latest craze is real," Pawpulous.com (April 15, 2017)