5 Tips For Attracting Referrals

May 5, 2017

Real estate professionals need to overcome any fear of appearing needy or feeling like they’re imposing on others when they ask for business.

However, it’s important to approach the situation with tact. Marketing expert and business strategist Marc Gordon has five tips.

  1. Don’t be shy. A simple straightforward face-to-face ask can be very effective. Here’s what Gordon suggests: "As you know, in my business referrals are everything. If you know someone who you think could use my help, please pass my name along."
  2. Show your appreciation. Staying in touch and connecting with past clients with an annual or semiannual note or gift will go a long way in staying top-of-mind. You may also consider throwing an annual client appreciation event.
  3. Say “thank you. Whether it’s through a thoughtful closing gift or showing gratitude for a referral, always thank your clients, fellow agents, or members of your sphere for business, Gordon says. Consider gift cards to restaurants, the movies, or something personalized to your clients’ taste. Don’t give a gift that will be tossed in a drawer, he says.
  4. Share the love. You always want to be thinking about what you can do for your clients, even if the sale has closed. There’s a chance your clients also depend on referrals in their business, Gordon says, so you may consider affording them the same favor and passing their name along as well. “Playing matchmaker will win you the loyalty of current customers,” he says.
  5. Network with your peers. Other brokers and agents are another important source for referrals. Also work on developing trusted relationships with noncompeting companies in your industry, Gordon says, such as electricians and plumbers, or accountants and lawyers.

Source: marcgordon.ca/high5 

—Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine