4 Ways to Improve Customer Service

May 9, 2017

The relationship between the agent and client is at the heart of real estate transactions. Good relationships can lead to repeat business and referrals and boost your firm’s reputation and credibility.

“Growing your business with today's customers means you and your team members need to be easy to do business with,” says customer service specialist Jeff Mowatt. If you’re looking to improve upon the customer experience your company’s clients receive, these four tips from Mowatt will help.

Good service isn’t good enough.

“Today's customers are so busy with their multiple demands at home and work, and are so distracted by their mobile devices, that they no longer even notice ‘good’ service,” Mowatt says. What they do notice is either poor service or remarkable service, and your company needs to deliver the latter. “They need to be so impressed that they're motivated to remark or talk about your service,” he says.

Be specific.    

Since your brokerage is aiming to provide remarkable customer service, your marketing and delivery of that service needs to be spelled out. You need to say what specifically puts you ahead of your competition. Mowatt has advice for achieving that: “Get creative. Take calculated risks to test different ways of doing business. Disrupt your market. Give customers something different to talk about.”

Think like an editor.

You don’t want to confuse of overwhelm prospects with too much real estate jargon or an overabundance of data. Break down information so that it’s meaningful for your company’s buyers and sellers. Make your website be the one-stop shop that clearly spells out the transaction process, frequently asked questions, and market data in terms that are helpful to your target market. Mowatt says your agents’ role is to analyze clients’ needs, and then explore which options (such as property types or communities) are best suited to satisfy those needs. Sometimes customers can become overwhelmed if they’re inundated with properties. Try presenting two or three options at a time in the simplest fashion to make your customer's decision easier, Mowatt suggests.

Admit when you’re wrong.

Never blame the client if something goes wrong in the transaction and the deal falls apart. In this age of social media where a single bad review can go viral and wreak havoc on your reputation, you want to avoid being on the end of damage control. “It's more important than ever that organizations admit fault and make amends the moment they have a service slipup,” Mowatt says. “Smart service providers have done the math and know that's it's much less costly to do the right thing for customers than to have disgruntled customers trashing your brand.” Make sure your agents are comfortable admitting fault. Create a culture where they’re encouraged to own up to their mistakes and can offer ways to help alleviate any stress or inconvenience it brought to the client. “It means training your team members so that—even when things go wrong—they recover your customers' trust,” he says.

Source: www.jeffmowatt.com

—Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine