Perfect Your Email Campaign

June 2, 2017

So, you've got your CRM and it's chock full of names and email addresses of your clients, past clients, and sphere. But how frequently are you reaching out to them?

If you're considering launching an email campaign other than the typical drip of listings, you should start by assessing your CRM data, according to Emma, a digital marketing platform. Do you have updated contact information? What type of content would be relevant to "your people"? Begin to segment your email list so that you can personalize your e-newsletter outreach from the beginning.

Next, start with a welcome series to determine your sphere's interests. Try different content in your first four newsletters and look at the campaign’s performance analytics to see if your contacts are opening the mailings and what links they're clicking on. This should be an ongoing practice, but this beginning phase will help you determine the overall direction of your content. You want to make sure all the links in your emails lead back to your website. Do your recipients like home and design information, neighborhood news, or market reports? Are they drawn to images, videos, or articles? What headlines and subject lines work well? This will help you tailor the e-newsletter experience even further to your audience segments.

Feel free to look at other e-newsletters for inspiration. Take note of what compels you to click on something in your inbox. Emma shared the top nine performing subject lines among their clients for inspiration. This list isn't meant to be replicated, but to instead be used as fodder for your next campaign:

1. McKenzie, did you love it? Do tell!—Ulta
2. Let’s get to know each other better.—Pei Wei
3. There’s a new Mr. Burberry in town…—Burberry
4. You’re in the squad.—Greetabl
5. Ok, ok, fine. Try our razor for free.—Dollar Shave Club
6. Are you still thinking about it?—World Market
7. We’ve got your winning bracket right here.—J. Crew
8. Hands up for SALE! [emoji of raised hands included]—Polyvore
9. Every Day We’re Truffling—Jose Andres ThinkFoodGroup

—Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine

Source: “9 subject lines that stood out in a crowded inbox,” April 2017, Emma; “I have an email list - now what?” May 2017, Emma