How to Get Noticed on Social Media

June 12, 2017

Forbes columnist Jayson DeMers offers the following tips to get more visibility from your social media posts, maximize your outreach, and increase your followers.

Leverage influencers: Get people who already have high visibility on social media to share your posts. Target influencers within the industry and offer to collaborate with them on content, or find a way to get them to mention you to their network. Avoid asking for handouts or favors. You need to give them something of value to get them to notice you, DeMers notes.

Try ads: “If you have a social media post you want to make sure gets extra attention, invest a bit of money to promote it to your intended audience,” DeMers says.

Use pictures: Post images to get more attention and shares. “Images dominated by a single color, or those with visually striking features, will stand out in users' newsfeeds more, giving your post the attention-grabbing features it needs to become popular,” DeMers says.

Target: With social media, you can control who sees your posts. Target the right audience for each post you write. “It may seem counterintuitive to narrow your audience when the end goal is achieving more visibility, but this step will help you get more visibility within the circles that actually matter to your brand,” DeMers says.

Don’t be one-note: Followers will stop listening to you if you offer up the same type of posts and ideas over and over again. Try something different.

Join the conversation: Jump into conversations that are already happening within your social networks. Look for relevant hashtags to your industry. “Involve your brand in the most popular threads you can find,” DeMers suggests.

Source: “10 Secrets to Getting More Visibility on Social Media,” (June 7, 2017)