Listings Are 3-D in YouTube Virtual Reality

June 27, 2017

YouTube released a new virtual reality video format called VR180 that could pave the way for the future of viewing property listings. The VR format uses 180-degree video but in stereoscopic 3-D—the picture appears wider than normal while providing more depth and height. If a client using this VR format turns around, however, they’ll just see black instead of the continuous imagery found in 360-degree virtual reality.

“There’s no need to master new editing techniques, stress about what sits behind the camera, or waste time telling viewers how to move their smartphone around or drag a video on their laptop,” says Erin Teague, YouTube’s VR Product manager. Teague says VR180 provides some of the same immersive properties of virtual reality. For VR super fans, VR180 cameras from LG, Lenovo, and Yi are set to debut this winter.

The new VR180 was announced after reaching a user milestone. YouTube reached 1.5 billion users logging into the platform each month, cementing it as a mammoth for video delivery.

Another big YouTube change is a flexible format for mobile viewing. This new feature will adapt the aspect ratio of any video, regardless of whether it was filmed vertically or horizontally. Users will no longer have to see mattes or black bars on the side of videos.

The YouTube app will also provide its users with chatting and sharing capabilities to boost engagement time.

Source: “YouTube has Hit a Milestone and Announced a Slew of New Features,” Business Insider/Digital Media Briefing (June 26, 2017) and “With VR180, YouTube Steps Gingerly Toward Virtual Reality,” Wired (June 22, 2017)