Positive Reactions to NAR’s CEO Pick

June 27, 2017

Association veteran Bob Goldberg has been named the next CEO of the National Association of REALTORS®, and reactions are soaring.

Lani Rosales, chief operating officer of The Real Daily, asserts in an op-ed for the publication that “Goldberg is an overwhelmingly popular pick for CEO, and if you’ve ever so much as had a phone chat with him before, you’d know he’s wildly intelligent, and intimately knows every part of the organization (and therefore the context of how decisions impact each moving part).” She calls Goldberg a “trusted, steady, brilliant leader who will have no learning curve” as he takes the reins as CEO at the end of 2017.

Goldberg has been overseeing many aspects in his 22 years with the association. He currently serves as NAR’s senior vice president of sales & marketing, business development & strategic investments, professional development, and conventions, with responsibilities placing him in charge of brand and strategic marketing and association non-dues revenue. He also acts as a senior vice president of administration for REALTOR® University and president and CEO of the REALTOR® Information Network (RIN), an NAR for-profit that is responsible for overseeing the realtor.com® operating agreement with Move Inc.

“Bob Goldberg stood apart because of his considerable understanding of and expertise in the many issues facing the industry and NAR’s members,” says Chris Polychron, 2015 NAR president, who was also part of the search committee.

“Bob’s vision, business acumen, and unique ability to successfully leverage NAR’s technology investments will ensure REALTORS® remain at the center of the real estate transaction,” says 2017 NAR President William E. Brown. “With extensive knowledge of the association and real estate industry, Bob brings with him a strong track record for future-based thinking and enacting change, which is why the NAR leadership team is extremely confident in his ability to lead the association and membership to continued future success.”

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Source: “Why Bob Goldberg Is the Best CEO for NAR’s Future,” The Real Daily (June 26, 2017)