Using Google Local Guides in Your Business

July 5, 2017

According to a survey conducted in 2016, Google Maps is by far the most popular mapping app among smartphone users (Android owners prefer it by 78 percent and iPhone users by 69 percent). And there's a special program that offers real estate professionals and others the opportunity to boost their presence on this platform, known as Google Local Guides.

Victor Lund, cofounder of real estate consulting company WAV Group, offers step-by-step instructions for real estate professionals who want to become more prominent on the platform by gaining the trust of the search engine giant.

"You get points for validating things like writing reviews, validating that a business is still in business, validating their hours of operation, taking photos, adding new places, etc. If you do a really good job, you get badges and can become something like the 'mayor' of your community," Lund writes. He also notes that the app offers the ability to create lists of important places. "When you share the list with a client, they will be able to add it to their Google Maps and see all of the places you have highlighted on Google Maps. Add your favorite grocery store, dry cleaners, gas station, movie theater, coffee shop, restaurants, and especially, your office... These can be a very cool way to give a new homeowner the lay of the land around their home."

Source: "Google Local Guides Are Great For Real Estate," WAV Group (June 13, 2017).