The Trendiest Design Style in Your State

August 14, 2017

Victorian is the interior style that wins the popularity vote in the most number of U.S. states compared to any other decor style, according to a new study by Joybird, a custom furniture company. The study used Google Trends data over the past 12 months to compare the most-searched interior design terms in each state.

The states where Victorian style reigned number one were Nevada, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

The number two most-searched style in the country: Bohemian. The term nabbed the top spot in nine states: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.

But contemporary and transitional styles are the ones to watch, according to the study. These styles are dominating on the coasts. States like California and New York, which often are trendsetting places for the rest of the country, showed a preference for transitional and contemporary styles.

"Traditionally, home styles begin on either coast and work toward the center of the country," John B. Chadwick Jr., an interior designer in New York City, told®.

Contemporary style is catching on in New York, showcasing a range of different trends like rounded lines and a mixture of bold and neutral shades.

"Contemporary style in particular will permeate in coming years," Bonnie J. Steves, an interior designer in New York, told®. "We live in such a connected, digital society that someone can see something that's trending in New York and immediately have access to it in Kansas City."

Contemporary styles were also the top style in Texas.

"All the 30-somethings I know are very contemporary or Mid-Century Modern," says Lauren Rottet, a Houston-based architect and interior designer. "I think the home [reality] shows may be influencing this."

Here’s an overview of the most popularly searched style by state, according to Joybird’s study:

  • Alabama: Bohemian
  • Alaska: Bohemian
  • Arizona: Traditional
  • Arkansas: Shabby chic
  • California: Transitional
  • Colorado: Industrial
  • Connecticut: Victorian
  • Delaware: Victorian
  • Florida: Contemporary
  • Georgia: Bohemian
  • Hawaii: Traditional
  • Idaho: Shabby chic
  • Illinois: Contemporary
  • Indiana: Victorian
  • Iowa: Industrial
  • Kansas: Contemporary
  • Kentucky: Traditional
  • Louisiana: Shabby chic
  • Maine: Victorian
  • Maryland: Contemporary
  • Massachusetts: Transitional
  • Michigan: Industrial
  • Minnesota: Mid-Century Modern
  • Mississippi: Shabby chic
  • Missouri: Victorian
  • Montana: Bohemian
  • Nebraska: Victorian
  • Nevada: Victorian
  • New Hampshire: Bohemian
  • New Jersey: Bohemian
  • New Mexico: Art Deco
  • New York: Contemporary
  • North Carolina: Contemporary
  • North Dakota: Bohemian
  • Ohio: Industrial
  • Oklahoma: Vintage
  • Oregon: Industrial
  • Pennsylvania: Vintage
  • Rhode Island: Vintage
  • South Carolina: Coastal
  • South Dakota: Western
  • Tennessee: Shabby chic
  • Texas: Contemporary
  • Utah: Modern farmhouse
  • Vermont: Vintage
  • Virginia: Contemporary
  • Washington: Mid-Century Modern
  • West Virginia: Bohemian
  • Wisconsin: Industrial
  • Wyoming: Western

Source: “The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Each State,”® (Aug. 11, 2017)