Outdoor Amenities Topping Buyers’ Lists

August 30, 2017

Real estate professionals across the mid-Atlantic are finding home buyers are placing a higher value on outdoor spaces and their potential for entertainment, according to The Washington Post. Here are the specific amenities that are proving most beneficial to sellers in marketing their properties:

The outdoor kitchen

These spaces are becoming more than just a simple dining set and grill. They are now being outfitted with an outdoor refrigerator, sink, and counter space. In luxury homes, outdoor kitchens may include bar areas, islands, ovens, stoves, and extra storage space as more cooking tasks move outside. 

Pool and spa

Real estate pros told The Washington Post that they’re noticing a shift in the way pools and the spaces around them are being designed. Homeowners are getting more creative, adding waterfalls or even a hot tub in the middle of the pool. Agents also say buyers are looking for terraces and lounges overlooking the pool area, to create a more serene backyard. 

Open access

The transition between the interior and exterior is becoming more seamless. Homeowners achieve this look by installing collapsible window walls, though a more affordable option is the classic sliding glass door.

Outdoor fireplaces

Both simple pits and custom fire features are becoming more common as decor in outdoor landscaping. Fireplaces have long topped home buyers’ wish lists for interiors, but they’re increasingly becoming a popular amenity outside too.

Source: “Desire for Outdoor Amenities Grows Among Homeowners,” The Washington Post (Aug. 22, 2017)