Sync Your Email and Direct Mail Marketing

September 22, 2017

Online and offline marketing work best hand-in-hand. But many real estate pros have given up on a direct mail strategy, even though if you combine it with other channels, “it can help you show customers and prospects you’re truly invested in them,” says McKenzie Gregory, content writer for e-marketing platform Emma. Gregory offers four ideas in her recent article on how to synchronize direct mail so that it supports your digital marketing.

  1. Make sure your branding is consistent. Use logos, graphics, colors, and images that are the same or similar in both your online and print campaigns. Your message or copy and overall presentation should also be congruent. “To get the most from your multichannel campaign, make sure every design element works to build a cohesive experience and amplify your brand awareness,” Gregory says.
  2. Schedule out your approach. “The best part of combining multiple marketing channels is the ability to stay top of mind in more places, for longer,” she says. It depends on the audience you’re targeting, but if you’re reaching out to a prospect, here is an example of a good communication plan:
    Week 1: Initial email
    Week 2: Direct mail
    Week 3: Email follow-up
    Week 4: Call
  3. Funnel traffic to the same place. Whether it’s in an email or other online marketing pieces, or in your direct mailings, you should send prospects to a single landing page on your site. Use a URL shortener or create a vanity URL for your print messaging so that it’s easy to type into a browser. “That way, you’re always funneling your audience to the same point and the campaign remains easy to track,” Gregory says.
  4. Set a clear goal. “If you’re going to invest in direct mail, it’s important to do it with a clear goal in mind and not just to check off a box on your to-do list,” Gregory explains. Example goals include engaging with prospects and driving conversions, nurturing past clients, building brand loyalty, and increasing referrals.

Source: "What’s the secret weapon for digital marketers? Direct mail." Aug. 1, 2017.