Holiday Splurges to Warn Your Clients Against

November 22, 2017

If you have clients looking to sell in the next year, you may want to warn them to watch it with the festive cheer. Some holiday traditions could end up making their home tougher to sell.® highlighted a few, including:

Decorations: Some decor could actually damage a home, leaving behind holes in the wall, marks on the floor, or screws along a home’s exterior. Also,® warns those with live Christmas trees to make sure water doesn’t spill on their hardwood or laminate flooring. It can warp or stain the surface.

Holiday debt: It's tempting to splurge on gifts, but those who plan to buy a home need to be cautious over how much debt they accumulate. Opening up new credit cards or taking on a car loan could hamper one's chances of getting approved for a mortgage. “Speak with your lender if making a real estate purchase after the sale on how much you can spend on big-ticket items,” advises Dillar Schwartz, a real estate practitioner in Austin, Texas.

New pets: Tell your clients to try to resist the adoption drives this holiday season if they plan to sell soon. Housetraining a puppy or teaching a new cat not to scratch may not be ideal right before putting a property on the market. House showings with a pet can be a challenge, and even more so with a new pet.

Source: “5 Holiday Splurges to Avoid if You Hope to Sell Your Home Next Year,”® (Nov. 22, 2017)