Warning Signs of Underlying Property Defects

December 4, 2017

When you and your buyers are touring open houses, tell them to watch for signs of larger issues with the property. Jenna Dougherty and Greta Eoff of the DeMasi Group at Keller Williams Realty in Davis, Calif., shared items that should raise alarms for buyers.

Overpowering scent. If sellers are being too heavy-handed with scented candles or other fragrances, it could mean they are trying to cover up the source of more serious odors, such as a musty smell from mold, pets, or something else.

Poor tiling. If there are gaps in the tiles or if the tiles are slightly uneven, it may indicate a poor DIY remodeling project that doesn’t meet professional standards.

Major cracks. Most homes have a few hairline cracks, but watch out for large cracks. Check for doors and windows that stick or cracks above window frames, which may indicate a larger foundation issue.

Mold. Open the cabinets around bathroom and kitchen sinks and look around the drains for any mold. Even small black or gray spots may indicate a more serious issue. Mold can signal water damage or improper ventilation in the home.

Source: “5 Red Flags to Look for at an Open House,” realtor.com® (December 2017)