Bad Etiquette at the Office Holiday Party

December 12, 2017

‘Tis the season for company parties, and you and your team have much to celebrate. But make sure your corporate affair doesn’t lead to uncomfortable situations and damaging behavior. Marketing and business strategist Marc Gordon has five tips for throwing a socially safe holiday party.

  1. Limit the drinking. Nothing good ever comes from being drunk in front of coworkers. For office leaders, it may negatively impact how agents see you long after the holidays, Gordon says. Drunken parties can lead to people acting in embarrassing ways or saying something offensive. An effective way to limit alcohol consumption is with drink tickets. Consider implementing a buddy system or arrange for transpiration to help avoid drinking and driving situations, Gordon suggests.
  2. Avoid talking shop. Sure, work is probably going to come up, but Gordon says use the event as an opportunity to get to know your agents and coworkers on a personal level. “Find out their hobbies and interests, ask about their families, or just convince them to demonstrate their karaoke skills,” he says.
  3. Skip the mistletoe. This dated tradition is asking for trouble. Best to leave it out of the decor, Gordon says.
  4. Invite spouses. Opening the company party up to spouses and significant others brings in a comforting social dynamic that allows people to get to know each other on a new level.
  5. Titles still matter. Agents and staff still need to see their brokers and managers as leaders. Even in an ugly Christmas sweater you’re still the boss, so don’t lose sight of that, Gordon says.

Source: Marc Gordon,