How Busy Streets Can Actually Help a Listing

December 14, 2017

Noise from busy streets nearby doesn’t have to ruin a home sale. Some buyers may be turned off by the disturbances of traffic congestion, but there are ways to make your listing more appealing, real estate pros say.

A home along a busy road may provide more marketing opportunities. The more drivers passing by, the more your For Sale sign will be noticed, says Sheryl Simon, principal at Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. Real Estate in Weston, Mass. Also, a home on a busy road may provide an easier commute for a buyer. And a home near stores and restaurants has the benefit of being near retail, which some buyers find attractive.

There are ways to curb some of the noise. Michele Lerner, author of Homebuying: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time, suggests focusing on the landscaping. “Plant shrubs or trees along your property line or add a stone wall or wood fence to provide protection and a visual barrier from the road,” Lerner says. Fences also keep pets and children safe from the dangers of a busy road. Lerner says a water feature also can help drown out traffic noise. For inside a home, homeowners can install noise-reducing windows. “If the road is visually unappealing, then you may want to add more window treatments to minimize the view,” Lerner notes. “Just be careful with your budget before investing in any high-dollar improvements because you’ll want to make your money back when you sell.”

If all else fails, check the zoning. See if the home could be sold and used for commercial purposes, suggests Kathryn Bishop, broker-owner of Kathryn Bishop Realty in Studio City, Calif. After all, commercial retailers will appreciate nearby traffic. “Typically, a residential home on a busy street has a market value that is lower than comps on quiet streets,” Bishop says. “You have to adjust the price lower for the noise and car emissions. However, if it has commercial use, the market value will be comparable to other commercially used properties in the same or similar neighborhoods.”

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