Neighborhood Amenities Luring Baby Boomers

December 19, 2017

The way to attract baby boomer home buyers may be through food. Grocery stores and restaurants topped the list of the most desirable amenities baby boomers want to live near, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s Consumer and Products Insights survey, which includes responses from more than 8,000 new home shoppers born between 1946 to 1965. Exercise is also important, as boomers ranked fitness centers and walking trails high as well.

The top 10 preferred amenities among baby boomers, according to the survey are:

  1. Grocery store
  2. Restaurants
  3. Fitness center
  4. Walking trails
  5. Village square
  6. Shopping
  7. Community high-speed internet
  8. Wi-Fi
  9. Recreational center
  10. Communitywide events

Source: “Boomers: Food for Thought,” Johns Burns Real Estate Consulting (Dec. 7, 2017)