Controversy in Commercial Real Estate in 2017

December 29, 2017

From service animals to short-term rentals and landlord policies on marijuana use, commercial real estate was not without its fair share of controversies this year. But we also saw interest in bringing younger practitioners into the fold and other forward-looking commercial trends gain traction. As you look forward to 2018, take a look at our five most popular commercial articles this year.

4 Issues to Watch for Property Managers
This year saw a lot of movement on laws concerning service animals, rent control, marijuana, and criminal background checks as they pertain to multifamily property. As landlords and property managers face an evolving legal landscape, here are hot-button issues to know.

A Grander Vision for Short-Term Rentals
Agents have found their place in the short-term rental trend, helping investors purchase properties to rent out on sites such as Airbnb. But there might be another way your clients could make money off STRs. It’s a twist just beginning to emerge: leasing a residence for special events.

Multifamily Amenities Grow Up
Developers, owners, and managers of multifamily properties have some important choices to make when it comes to public spaces. Lounges and business centers can make a condo or apartment complex feel dated, but there are easy fixes that can bring these common amenities up to date.

Attract Young Pros to Commercial Real Estate
The commercial real estate industry faces an era of exciting revitalization, but a pivot will be necessary in order to take advantage of it. Commercial brokers can become adept at recruiting talented, tech-savvy millennials if they make a few crucial changes to their processes and culture.

3 Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch
As businesses evolve in the digital era, it’s affecting their needs when it comes to physical space in commercial properties. Learn how retailers’ mobile data, intermodal shipping optimization, and microunit apartments are playing bigger roles in commercial real estate.

—REALTOR® Magazine